Casting // Do not apply if..

Within the requirement to be part of the agency, the following is not allowed:

- Provide photos that are already on the internet, to another agency or a similar site.

- If the requirements above are too strict and you cannot comply with them and identify yourself as we ask.

- If there are constant complaints from our clients, they are not satisfied either because of your attitude, or an observation of your body, whether due to being overweight or another, because they felt offended by some of your comments and if they did not feel pleasure with what you gave him or with what you do.

- You consider other women who work for the agency as your enemies.

- If you withdraw from the agency for several times afterwards, you will not be able to reconsider returning because it will be denied.

- If you don't have English well enough to have an easy and fluent conversation.

- If you already have a series of beautification operations and they are not as beautiful as they should be, for example scarred and hardened breasts, extremely striking lips, the body with more than one tattoo, piercings in parts such as the tongue and the intimate area, excess hair extensions, and finally poorly maintained nails. “Our clients love natural women”