Casting // What we offer

Our clients are international, and mainly businessmen.

...What we want the natural style and we know that this norm will be applied in our agency therefore we hope to be between the business appointments with our clients in order to accompany him in his free time and that he can enjoy his business trip pleasantly. They also like to be accompanied to public places as long as you are a discreet and classic lady, and of course they also appreciate the time you can offer them alone since they would like to get out of their daily life of just work and stress for which they want relax and experience something new and exceptional, and in return they will be very attentive and generous to you.

My agency takes care of contacts

..Because you don't have the time or the possibility for it. For this reason, we give you all the advantages in terms of organization, taking into account your personal and preferential situation, thus making appointments at your time and on the dates that best suit you and also ruling out any concern regarding your safety, since we give you the reliability of our clients before you meet them, we are at your service to give you the best support since we take everything regarding your safety very seriously, you will be able to find in me a personal and reliable friend as your direct point of contact and you will be able to have the certainty that I will always be there for when you need it.

In our agency you are not lonely!

...Don't have a secure base for your little adventures? Here you will always have someone at your disposal, ready to answer your questions and handle all the organization issues, because it is not just that the client picks you up, but that they will continuously be attended with high quality in my office and do not worry that I will always respect your time in terms of dates and times to make appointments, and do everything in our power to ensure that everything goes well both before and after the appointment date.

We will all work together to create and maintain a working and respectful relationship with the client and above all to make him feel satisfied and happy with the care received, and to be sure that the appointment will be repeated either with you or with a colleague from the agency and this does not mean that you are in competition with the other ladies, but that they complement each other. On many occasions a client that our girls do not like turns out to be the man of their dreams and you can also become the perfect woman for one of them (through my agency more than one client has formalized a relationship with one of our girls resulting in the ideal partner to share their lives) The success of my agency shows that mutual trust is what really works.

Discretion, honesty and trust are not only honorable, they are essential for both our girls and our clients.

...All of us who are part of this agency require mutual and absolute discretion, so it is very important that all details or doubts about this job be discussed exclusively with me. “secondaries” or about the people who are in this with text. In return, you can be sure that you will receive the same type of protection. This trust and honesty are the basis for a harmonious and mutual collaboration, this is what makes the main basis without which our work would be inconceivable.

Lies are unacceptable and unforgivable. Since sooner or later the truth is unavoidable and will come out, if for a moment you feel tempted, you should consider this carefully and better talk to me openly. That saves us time. Only if we are definitely honest with each other can we find quick solutions to any type of problem that may arise.

Logically, we need your photo, however we can assure you discretion in whatever is necessary, there are several possibilities.

The sexier and more beautiful all the photos are, the higher the probability of getting good dating responses from our clients. We have our own photographer who does an excellent professional job, she is very patient and helps you with great empathy, diligently presenting yourself and advantageously as possible. If she wishes, you can also hide her face before posting, so she will remain anonymous. If you require absolute discretion, then we will not publish your photos and will only send them to the contacts you want as we require your prior permission. Selected: exclusive and regular VIP customers. Please recognize, however, that this option will severely limit your opportunities.

We attach great importance to exclusivity.

...Therefore, in principle, we do not accept that the ladies of our agency work for other agencies or other professional sites with their own web pages.

In case you start working for our agency and hide that you are already part of another agency on the internet, you should keep in mind that we will find out very quickly. We regard this as an unforgivable breach of trust and the inevitable consequences will follow.

For a good lady it will not be necessary to expose yourself with several suppliers. Our public order situation is such that we are continually looking for many more girls.

An observation that we make is that you should have an idea about the rate you want. We are always willing to listen to you. In such a case, you can create your own individual rate structure, as long as it fits and is easily representable by the agency.