Casting // What we expect

Are you a young woman who can fit into the context of our exclusive agency?

We looking for ladies with impeccable behavior, and an excellent presentation, who are very natural and who have a good sense of the good things in life. Do you think this description fits you, and would you like to participate? So please read the following catalog of criteria very carefully and decide if you are a good fit for us.

1. Your appearance (please be self-critical)

- You have a very pretty face, or distinctive striking face, and beautiful skin.
- .The ideal is to have a model figure, and maybe you have already modeled.
- Her body is perfect with good care and smooth skin.
- Her figure is slim and fit and it shows that she participates in sports.
- You regularly go to the hairdresser, and beauty salon as it is essential for your physical appearance to be better every day.
- Preferably if you have no visible piercings or tattoos.
- Your clothes are of good quality, and your taste for them is impeccable, you wears accessories that look well presented such as: (shoes, bags, belts, underwear) so that you looks perfect for every occasion.

2. Your style

- She is happy and radiates happiness and joie de vivre.
- Her behavior is natural, balanced and safe with a stable and friendly character.
- You have good manners which are important to both you and the customer.
- She is interested in fashion, lifestyle and wellness.
- She's very charming.
- You are very aware of the needs of customers and therefore you like to fulfill their wishes.
- It has a subtle, erotic shine and knows how to appreciate a sensual atmosphere.
- You are sensual and direct with all the senses.

3. Your education

- You were well educated, have a sense of tact, and can behave impeccably in every situation.
- You have read a modern book of customs, as it is an interesting and stimulating reading for you.
- She has a good general education since our clients are curious and interested in many things, and eager to learn.
- You can express yourself in a diverse and versatile way.
- Is interested in culture: art, theater, opera, cinema, conferences, etc.
- You know how to make a conversation interesting, even more lively - either through your active or passive participation.
- English is fluent and you can have a basic conversation, and much better if you maybe speak other languages.

4. Her philosophy of life

- She is ambitious, determined, disciplined and totally reliable.
- You not only play a role, but enjoy what you do.
- You carry out the principles and values and adhere to the agreed rules.
- Discretion, tolerance and respect are fundamentally important in human relations.
- Honesty and warmth are the virtues that live.
- You are generous with yourself and with other people.
- It is not always necessary to have the last word.
- You don't lose your cool in conflict situations and you don't take things personally.

5. Your personal story

- You are between 18 to 35 years old.
- You are smart and know how to use your gifts.
- Maybe you have no previous experience as an escort, but the topics intrigue you.
- Has a healthy family environment.

6. Your motivation

- You will find successful and powerful men attractive and sexy.
- You are looking for something you like like erotic adventures
- You consider the additional income as a bonus to improve your lifestyle
- Being an Escort is for you an adventure that you do, for a while - and besides that it could become a starting point towards something completely new.
- You are open to new experiences and we hope it will be a lot of fun.
- An I love you one night without consequences, and if you are looking for a relationship or even the man of your dreams (everything is possible here!)

Bottom line: We're looking for The Perfect Lady...until I get to Alone Time.